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By Brandon C. Sanders / February, 17, 2015

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe moose is not the most flattering animal to have as an avatar. It’s a lumbering, awkward, bad tempered, gigantic doofus of a beast, with the appearance, at least, of slow wittedness. It certainly lacks the predatory majesty of, say, a bald eagle.And yet Canadians are stuck with it.”Follow the moose,” The Economist advises its worldwide readership in the current edition, the cover of which is a gushy, oleaginous flattery that will make the naughty bits of Canadian nationalists positively tingle.The moose, says the influential British magazine, is resolutely upholding the torch of liberal decency and openness, while other Western nations are succumbing to meanspiritedness, nativism, isolation and general ugliness.”Today, in its lonely defence of liberal values, Canada seems downright heroic,” declares the lead editorial.

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