When I bought my first camera in late 2006 I never imagined that photography would become such a big part of my life.  Photography has fundamentally changed the way that I see the wold.  I have found that my best photos are not always those that require the most concentration or calculation.  Some of the photos on this site were taken on a whim.  Some of them were treasures that I did not discover until I brought them home and realized just what my camera had managed to capture. cheap jerseys At the same time many photographs that I thought would be amazing turned out to be mediocre.  I have since discovered that photography relies much more on channeling my imagination through my camera onto scenes that exist external to myself in hopes that I can capture them the way I imagine them to be in my mind.  Whether it works or not, most of what makes these images beautiful has to do with forces outside of myself, whether it be God painting the sky with a beautiful sunset, or the designers at Lamborghini who managed to turn a machine into a wonderful piece of art.  Thank you for taking time to allow me to share some of my photographs with you.


Thank you to all of my friends, both photographically inclined and not, for your constant encouragement and critique.


Thank you Jillienne most of all.  Without you, none of this would exist.